Cordes & Company

Creditor Support Services

At Cordes & Company, our financial and management professionals provide expert support to assist local, regional and national lenders with their decision-making processes.  Often, these decisions involve whether or not to extend or renew credit to a small or mid-sized business.

Cordes has a long and successful history working with creditors as well as with businesses in a wide range of industries.  Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are uniquely positioned to provide support services to creditors.

Collateral value assessments.  Cordes provides independent value assessments of inventories, accounts receivables and other assets used as collateral in support of credit facilities.  Our determination of reasonableness of collateral values includes a review of the current and projected financial health of a company.  Our assessments help guide and supplement a creditor’s decision-making process.

Credit customer business assessments.  Cordes also provides creditors with a comprehensive analysis of the financial position of their credit customers.  We do this by analyzing financial results, projections, competitive environment, sales/marketing strategies and product position, among other factors.  These analyses are tailored to the creditor’s specific needs.  Typically, they are provided for new or dynamic creditor customers, where the creditor seeks deeper insight into a company’s financial status and prospects.

Creditors place significant value on their relationships with customers.  At Cordes, we go the extra mile to complement, support and respect these relationships.

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