Cordes & Company

Prosecuting contempt of receiver order

After the entry of an order appointing Cordes & Company as receiver, a health benefits provider terminated benefits for a group of mostly hourly employees, and made the termination two years retroactive.  The health benefits provider asked all healthcare providers who had been paid by the plan during that two-year period to refund all benefits.  As a result, employees started receiving bills for two-years-worth of medical services.  Soon, collection agencies were calling, wages were being garnished and credit scores were suffering.  We filed a motion seeking a finding of contempt against the health benefits provider.  Because of our efforts, the case resulted in a judgment against the provider that eliminated these consumer debts and required the provider to repay the improper reimbursements.  This result was a big relief for the employees, many of whom had modest means and little ability to fight these actions on their own.

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