Cordes & Company

Oil Field Service Company

Following the filing of bankruptcy petitions by Craig Energy, LLC and Craig Energy Holdings, LLC (collectively, “Craig Energy” or the “Company”), Cordes & Company was retained by Capital One Business Credit and Capital One Bank (collectively, “Capital One”), the senior secured lender, to identify, locate, marshal, retrieve, and monetize assets of Craig Energy that had been pledged as collateral for loans made by Capital One to the Company.  Craig Energy is an oilfield services company that had provided construction, drilling, and transportation services to its customers.  It had pledged certain of its fixed assets, cash, accounts receivable, and inventory as collateral for loans provided to the Company by Capital One.  Cordes & Company personnel located, secured, and arranged for the gathering and transport of equipment located in six western states to centralized locations to allow for the sale of such equipment.  Further, Cordes pursued collection of customer receivables and provided litigation support to Capital One’s outside counsel in the enforcement of the lender’s collateral rights.

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