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Construction and Development

At Cordes & Company, our financial and management professionals provide prompt and expert support for businesses and real estate in transition, litigation and distress – as well as their local, regional and national lenders.

One of our primary areas of focus is the construction industry.  When owners experience transition, litigation or financial distress, complex construction projects can be halted or even abandoned at various stages of completion.  Unpaid contractors, security providers and other vendors disappear.  Lenders are left with a devalued, partially developed piece of collateral.  Such an abandoned project is typically encumbered by liens, out of compliance with codes and regulations, and a safety risk to the neighboring community.

A construction and development project expert helps all parties minimize their losses, preserve and maximize property values, and avoid liability exposure.  Many of our professionals offer decades of experience gained inside the commercial construction, real estate development, real estate investment and real estate brokerage industries – as executives and managers, but also as hands-on builders.

At Cordes & Company, we are well-equipped to manage assets and property, with a special expertise with environmentally sensitive projects.  In addition, we can manage completion of construction in order to maximize value, or arrange for sale of a property.

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