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When dealing with contentious litigious matters, whether the disputes involve business partnerships or marriages, a court-appointed neutral party can be a valuable tool.

Many factors can lead to such disputes, including allegations of fraud or mismanagement; litigation between partners/shareholders; the untimely death of a business owner or managing partner; a marital dissolution; or legal claims raised by customers, suppliers or regulatory agencies.

In such contentious and emotionally wrought situations, the court-appointed neutral party can be a cost-effective way to bring stability and transparency to operations and to facilitate resolution of the dispute.



  • Reliable financial accounting and discovery
  • Investigation of claims of fraud and mismanagement

Financial Oversight

  • Unbiased business assessment and valuation
  • Continuous transparent oversight of business and financial activity
  • Stabilization of business operations

Operational Management

  • Professional experienced management of business and assets

When a court-appointed neutral party is used, plaintiffs can benefit in ways that compare quite favorably with the alternatives of exhaustive discovery and hard-earned court rulings. The skills and authority of a court-appointed neutral party can bring stability, objectivity and transparency to resolution of contentious business and marital partnership disputes.

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